PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Fall 1997 Supplemental Course Evaluation

I have provided additional resources this term and attempted several new things to assist you in learning the physics of electromagnetism. In addition I have endeavored to help you develop some of the skills and concepts that you will need for your later courses and your future career in science and engineering. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us continue the development of this course for future students.

Please assess the following resources and features of this course using the following scale:

A = essential

B = good

C = neutral

D = not that good

E = detrimental

  1. Assignments page with access to hints and answers
  2. Online class notes, animations, and drawings
  3. In-class demonstrations
  4. Concept Checks
  5. Friday quizzes and online solutions posted during the weekend
  6. Online exam archive
  7. Evening review sessions for exams
  8. Instructor-prepared formula sheets for exams
  9. Return and discussion of exams at next class meeting
  10. Online availability of instructor; distributed office hours

graph of questions 19-28

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Last updated Dec. 22, 1997.
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