PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Fall 1997 Supplemental Course Evaluation

This supplemental evaluation was administered at the final class meeting of the semester. The first question was
  1. I am enrolled in this class
    1. as a requirement for my major.
    2. to fulfill a breadth requirement for general education.
    3. as a general elective not fulfilling other curriculum requirements.

All but one of the 52 students who responded to this survey were required to take PHYS208 for their major.

The following statements were rated using the following scale:

A = strongly agree

B = agree

C = neutral

D = disagree

E = strongly disagree

As a result of this course,

  1. my ability to locate relevant information (from the library, Internet, or ot her outside class resources) has improved.
  2. my ability to critically evaluate the reliability and accuracy of published material has improved.
  3. I have gained good experience in cooperative teamwork.
  4. my oral communications skills have improved.
  5. my written communication skills have improved.
  6. I have become a more active participant in my learning.
  7. I have learned how to solve real world problems.

graph of questions 2--8

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