Concept Check 1


Query: I am in your Physics 208 class and the Concept problem during lecture kind of confused me. I would have thought the ratio of the charges of the particle would be the ratio of the total lines coming from the particles. The A particle had 24 unconnected lines but shared 8 with the B particle. I would think the A particle would have 24+8 compared to the B's 8, and having a ratio of 32:8 or 4:1?

Response: Right you are! I slipped when I accepted the statement that there were 24 lines emanating from A, so that the ratio was 3. Indeed there are 32, for a ratio of 4. Thanks for following up on that.

Concept: Electric Field Lines

  1. What are the relative magnitudes of the charges?
  2. What are the signs of the charges?
  3. In what regions of space is the electric field the strongest? weakest?

Adapted from Tipler Problem 18-5 and Figure 18.26.

Last updated Sept. 5, 1997.
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