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Electrostatics of Conductors

Quote of the Day

Gauss's Law and Symmetry

Generally we find that Gauss's law is useful in calculating the electric field for three situations. Those are for charge distributions having the following symmetry:
  1. point symmetry (spherical)
  2. line symmetry (cylindrical) -- See example.
  3. planar symmetry (sheet)

For the first two symmetries, we apply gaussian surfaces which are spheres and end-capped cylinders, respectively.

For planar symmetry, a cylinder is also used although it is oriented differently from the line symmetry case. When I was a new student of physics we called this the gaussian pillbox, a term which has fallen into disuse; we will refer to it as a gaussian can.

Gauss's Law and the Sheet of Charge

Charged, Isolated Conductors

Concept Check

Van der Graaff Generator Demonstrations

Dielectric breakdown of air
arc (or corona) discharge -- important in photocopying
Lightning rods

Quiz 3: Charge Distributions


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