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Which states in the U.S. currently have personnel licensure laws for their clinical labs? Which have facility licensure instead?

Courtesy of Corbis Collection
Using Specialized Databases: CINAHL

WebSPIRS from the UD Life, Agricultural and Marine Sciences
    Tried several CINAHL searches, settled on personnel licensure
    Found five records:

Record 4 of 5 in CINAHL (R) Database 1982-1996
TI: Personnel licensure: making slow inroads
AU: Gore-MJ
SO: MLO:-Medical-Laboratory-Observer (MLO) 1995 Feb; 27(2): 24-9 (1 ref)
SI: M40960000
AB: Ten states now offer licensure for laboratorians, but powerful opponents and the new Republican Congress could change everything.
AN: 1995022650
Medical Laboratory Observer is available online, but unfortunately articles are not archived back to 1995. UD Library does not subscribe...

I was disappointed that Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe was of no help...

AltaVista: +"clinical laboratory personnel licensure"
    Found Florida's Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel, but no e-mail address.
    Page at U. Iowa: Iowa no, California, Florida, Tennessee yes

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