College of Health and Nursing Sciences

Using Technology to Engage Students
in the Classroom Experience

Announcement, courtesy of Betsy Lieux:
On Friday, February 18th the Distance Education Committee of the College of Health and Nursing Sciences will Kick Off their Spring Activities with a Brown-bag lunch featuring George Watson of the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Professor Watson is the principal investigator of a NSF grant to transform undergraduate education and a campus leader in incorporating technology into undergraduate courses. George will present a multimedia talk on engaging students in the classroom experience. He will relate our faculty experience as learners with the current students' experience as learners. He will also present his famous Internet Challenge using health-related examples of strategies for searching the internet. You will not want to miss this exciting opportunity to see how technology can be used to enrich the student experience whether in the traditional classroom or in the virtual classroom. Reserve February 18th on your calendar and come to Memorial Hall, Room 127 with your lunch at 12:00. Beverages will be provided.

Links to online resources relevant to the presentation will soon be available...

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