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Which city in the U.S. has the greatest amount of obesity?

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To cover the spectrum of available online resources, and because of the dwindling amount of time, I relied on some extra help to get this one started!
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    Form submitted 8:46pm Feb. 16:

I seem to recall from a recent news article that Philadelphia is the answer to "What city in the U.S. has the greatest amount of obesity"? Could you direct me to a date for a newspaper article (an online article would be great!) or a citation that would help confirm this? Thanks!
    Reply received 1:18pm Feb. 17:
I found an article from Dec. 7, 1999, "Blame the cheese steak: Unfit Philly wins flab crown Men's magazine weighs pizza shops against health clubs".

You can find this article fulltext from Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, a database that the Library subscribes to. <instructions deleted>

You also can search the archives of USA Today online (

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe from UD Library Networked Databases
    General News: Philly wins flab
    Found article in USA Today, Dec. 7, 1999 as suggested

Hey, Philadelphians, put down your cheese steak. You're the fattest, least-fit city in the country, according to an analysis in the January issue of Men's Fitness magazine, out next week.

Courtesy of Men's Fitness

The Fattest Cities in America, 2000 from Men's Fitness, January 2000
    Found article by selecting Nutrition from pull-down menu

No. 1: Philadelphia
Report Card
Healthy habits: D-
Deadly sins: C-
Fat factors: D-
Air and water: D-
Natural environment: C-
Urban attributes: C-

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