Problem-Based Learning Online Clearinghouse:
Introductory Physics Curriculum


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Table of Contents

PBL Online Clearinghouse

The principal idea behind PBL is...
Compelling Features of PBL for New Adapters
What are the Common Features of PBL?
PBL: The Process

Characteristics of Good PBL Problems
But where are the problems?
Motivation for the PBL Clearinghouse

A Brief Tour of the Clearinghouse
    Logging in
    Applying to use
    Creating an account
    Searching and browsing
    Browsing by author
    Problem Detail
        Problem Statement
        Student Learning Objectives
        Student Resources
        Author's Teaching Notes
        Solution Notes
    Managing Clearinghouse activities
        for Authors, Reviewers, Editors, Users
    Prepare a problem for submission
        Select co-authors
        Enter the problem details
        Enter problem statement
        Enter supporting material
        Confirmation of submission

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