Problem-Based Learning and
Circuits for Nonscience Majors


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Table of Contents

PBL and Circuits for Non-Science Majors
Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution
    SCEN103 Course Description
    General Education Reform at UD
    Course Objectives (contd.)
    Problem Based Learning in SCEN103
    Why PBL in SCEN103?
    What is effective learning in SCEN103?

A PBL approach to simple electrical circuits
    Crossed Circuits
    Hairdryers: How much power?
    Rice-a-Roni: A San Francisco Treat
    Electrical Energy Use in the World?
    More Power!
    Resistivity and Play-Doh
    Spring Break Adventure
    Batteries and Bulbs
    Penetration rates of major consumer products in U.S. households
    Lights Out!

PBL at Delaware and the Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education

Author: George Watson


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