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Printing in Sharp Lab

If you checked ``File", a Postscript file (extension .ps) will appear in your home directory on mahler or strauss. You can download it to a DPA workstation (e.g., casimir1) using the ftp or sftp protocol. To this end, enter in a mahler X-window:
sftp casimir1.physics
Enter your user name and password (the one on casimir1) and at the ftp> prompt enter
Then quit ftp. You have to next login to casimir1 (if you are not logged in yet) and print the file:
If you create the .rhosts file in the next section, you can also print this directly from strauss or mahler by entering the command:
rsh casimir1.physics -l your_casimir1_user_name lp <

Krzysztof Szalewicz 2003-09-19