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Accessing UD mainframes

From a Linux/Unix computer:
Login to the system. An X-window should appear. If not, click on the proper menu icon (either on the desktop, on the ``start" menu (e.g., in System Tools $\rightarrow$ Terminal), or on the taskbar) and open a terminal window, also called the Unix shell, i.e., X-window. You have to tell your workstation that other computers will be allowed to open windows on its screen. To this end type:
xhost +
Next connect to mahler or strauss by typing ssh mahler and then--after being prompted--your password. Apparently, rlogin, previously used instead of ssh, does not work anymore from some machines. On the first login ssh may print a lengthy message, just answer ``yes".
From NT/W2K/XP workstation:
PC workstations are available in room 255 SHL. PCs are also available at several UD computing sites. The list of sites can be found on the web page quoted above. Start the Exceed software by clicking: Start $\rightarrow$ Programs $\rightarrow$ Hummingbird Connectivity (or Exceed) $\rightarrow$ Exceed $\rightarrow$ Exceed (XDMCP Broadcast). A window should appear listing computers willing to manage an X-session. (If it does not appear, close Exceed icon on the taskbar or in the taskbar tray and try again). Choose strauss as server, a strauss login window should appear. Login into strauss by typing your user name and password. An X-window should appear. It may ask you about terminal type, answer xterm. You may next rlogin to mahler by typing rlogin mahler.
From X-terminal:
X-terminals are available in room 255 SHL as well as at various UD computing sites. X-terminal should display a window with computers willing to manage. Choose strauss as server and proceed as above. To go to another computer first type (on strauss) xhosts + and then use ssh computer_name (or rlogin computer_name or telnet computer_name if this works).

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