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Running Mathematica

Mathematica is available on mahler and strauss. To communicate with Mathematica, your workstation or PC should be able to run software displaying X-windows. X-windows programs not only display windows allowing you command-line interactions with a Unix computer but also control display of graphics. There is one X-terminal (this solution is now becoming obsolete) in room 255 specifically designed to access other computers via X-windows. Unix/Linux workstations have X-windows built in. On a PC, you have to use a software package providing X-windows environment. One of them, Exceed from Hummingbird, is licenced by UD. UD students can get a copy of Exceed for personal use (e.g., on your home computer) for a nominal fee. Another good commercial package is PC-Xware from NCD. Public domain packages can also be found on the web. Here is how to launch Mathematica depending on the hardware you are using. First you have to login to mahler or strauss as described below.


Krzysztof Szalewicz 2003-09-19