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Getting access to computers

UD mainframes:
Every student automatically obtains an account on UD mainframe computers. To activate it, you should open Netscape or any other network browser from any computer on campus or off campus. UD's PCs which will allow you to use Netscape without an account are located in libraries. Open the web page Go to ``activate account" and use your SSN (social security number) and PIN (personal identification number) to create a user name and password. You should have gotten the UD PIN when registering at UD. The University mainframes are Sun computers running the Unix operating system (called SunOS). They are named after famous composers: copland (for email only), strauss (most used), mahler (less used). The web page listed above includes a lot of helpful information on how to use Unix. Using this account you can access UD's mainframes from any X-terminal or PC in student computer rooms all over the campus, in particular in the Smith Hall across the street. Thus, if you do not mind a short walk, this is the only account you need.
DPA general purpose Unix machines:
There are two SGI (Silicon Graphics) computers named gluon ( and origin ( running Unix (SGI's version called IRIX) and four Linux PCs: casimir1-3 and tesla. Casimirs are located in room 255 and offer the most convenient access to UD mainframes. To get an account, go to the DPA computer manager Dave Nowak in room 222 who will arrange for it.
DPA PC cluster:
To get an account on DPA's NT/W2K/XP workstations located in room 255 SHL go to Dave Nowak as well (this does not work at the moment and everybody should use the account ``guest" on MS Windows PCs). These are PC computers running Microsoft NT 4.0 or W2K or XP operating system.

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Krzysztof Szalewicz 2003-09-19