A SAPT version of first and second order in V and of infinite order in W at the CCSD level, developed by Korona et al. [2431], is avilable in SAPT2012. Such calculations require molpro2010.1 since the code for these corrections has a form of a molpro patch. This patch is located in the misc/patch.ccsapt subdirectory of regular SAPT2012. In order to run these codes, one must apply the patch by copying all the files from the misc/patch.ccsapt/src/eom subdirectory to the src/eom subdirectory of an existing molpro2010.1 installation and recompiling molpro. Example inputs for SAPT(CC) runs are provided in the misc/patch.ccsapt/examples subdirectory. One should note that the SAPT(CC) patch is independent from the patch required to run regular SAPT with molpro as the integral and SCF front end (Sec. 8.1 ) and the two patches can, but do not have to, be applied simultaneously. No further information is available on SAPT(CC).