2012 Army Research Office Workshop



The workshop will take place in the Clayton Hall Conference Center on the University of Delaware campus. The lodging will be provided by the next-door Courtyard Mariott. The recommended method of getting to the hotel is to fly into Philadephia (PHL) and take the Delaware Express shuttle to the hotel. Very exhaustive information on traveling to Newark is available on UD's visitors web page.

A condensed version of the directions for people driving is as follows. Take I-95 to exit 1 (1B driving South) into route DE-896 N called here S College Avenue. Continue on S College (896 splits-off at some point) until a T crossing, then turn left into W Main Str., and then after about 100 yards right into New London Road (where you come back on 896 N). After about 400 yards, you will see Mariott/Clayton Hall on your right.

People staying at the hotel may park in the hotel parking lot. Other participants may park at the parking lot just North of Clayton Hall. Please park there in the conference-center spaces, no parking permit is needed.

All talks will be in room 125 of Clayton Hall. To get from the hotel to the Clayton Hall, walk on east side of the hotel in the north direction which will get you to the main entrance to Clayton Hall. This is about 3 minutes walk. (You may also use a short-cut and exit through hotel's north door into the patio area). All meals will be served either at the hotel (breakfast, only for people staying in the hotel) or in room 120 of Clayton Hall.