Course Overview

Course Description

The goals of this course are to teach you the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and to make you adept in solving relevant problems.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, David J. Griffiths, Second Edition, Chapters to be covered (some partially): 5-8, 11

Instructor Information

Research Fields
Theoretical Atomic Physics and Quantum Information
Marianna Safronova's Research web site


Course Requirements


Homework is generally assigned each Thursday. It is due next Thursday. The homework is to be either brought to the lecture or put in my mailbox before physics office (Sharp 217) closes (about 4:30 5pm) on Thursday.

Graded quizzes (20-25 minutes, 1 problem) will be given at most of Thursday lectures. Exact dates are listed in the lecture schedule. All quiz problems are always taken from the current homework.

Interactive lectures
I will frequently give problems to solve during lectures (not graded), or ask questions. The entire class is expected to work out the problems (with my assistance). Students will also participate in derivation of some formulas during class (with detalied instruction and my assistance). Therefore, please have a few pieces of paper and a calculator during each lecture.


There will be a closed book midterm and a final exam.

Dates & Locations
Midterm : October 10, Memorial 049, 11-12:15


Course Policies & Grading

Course Policies

Making up a quiz or exam and Late homework
Only excused absences are eligible for making up a quiz, exam, or submitting late homework. If you miss quiz or exam or are unable to submit homework on time due to an excused absence you have to notify me by e-mail and schedule a make up as soon as you can. No make ups (and late homework returns) will be scheduled after one week passes from the day of your absence unless special circumstances are present. If you anticipate a conflict ahead of time, then you should let me know in advance that you will or may be absent. University policies ( ) outline the criteria for an excused absence.

Academic Honesty
Student Guide to University Policies: Code of Student Conduct

Homework Grading Policy
The problems are graded on the 3 point scale described below.

3 points
The problem is solved correctly and correct answer is obtained.
2 points
Substantial portion of the solution, which is in the direction of the correct answer is given or complete (in principle correct) solution is given but some mistake is made which lead to incorrect answer.
1 point
An attempt to solve problem has been made and an understanding of how such problem may be solved is demonstrated (some work in the direction of the correct solution is present).
0 points
No solution is provided or no understanding of how such problem may be solved is demonstrated.
The total number of points and the possible maximum number of points will be marked on the homework.

Course Grade

Your final grade for Physics 425 will be based on your total score for all the components of the course (exams, quizzes, and homework assignments). The grade is determined as following:
Percentage Assigned
Final Exam

Rough guidelines for letter grade ranges are listed below.

90 - 100
87 - 89
84 - 86
80 - 83
75 - 79
70 - 74
65 - 69
60 - 64
57 - 59
53 - 56
50 - 52
< 50