When you have enough results to tell a coherent story, you should end the Research Project by writing (in a clear writing style, obeying the rules of grammar and spelling) and submitting a Report. The Report should be understandable to a person who has not done the assignment. The suggested topics to be covered in the Report are as follows:

1. Introduction: Briefly summarize the nature of the physical systems, the basic numerical method or algorithm you are going to use, and the interesting relevant questions.

2. Method: Describe the algorithm and how it is implemented in the program. In some cases this explanation can be given in the program itself. Give a typical listing of your program. The program should include your name, date, and the title of your file, and be annotated in a way that is self-explanatory as possible. Be sure to discuss important features of your program.

3. Verification of the program: Confirm that your program (written in Fortran, C, Mathematics, etc.) is not incorrect by considering special cases and by giving at least one comparison to a hand calculations (i.e., Maple or Mathematica) or known result.

4. Data: Show the result of some typical runs in graphical (or tabular) form. Additional runs can be included in appendix. All tables and figures must be referred in the body of the text. Each figure and table should have a caption with complete information (e.g., the value of the time step, etc.), and axis of the figure must be labeled properly including the units.

5. Analysis: In general, the analysis of your results will include a determination of qualitative and quantitative relationship between variables, and an estimation of numerical accuracy.

6. Interpretation: Summarize your results and explain them in simple physical terms whenever possible. Specific questions that were raised in the assignment should be addressed here. Also give suggestions for future work or possible extensions.