Code Repository and Programming Tools


Open Source:
  • XEmacs (for Linux or Windows)
  • Intel Compilers (C++ and Fortran) free for Linux
  • Intel Math Kernel Libraries ---> Calling Fortran LAPACK and BLAS from C
  • MikTeX (TeX implementation for Windows)
  • Xmgrace (Graphical Data Processing Package for Linux)
  • A Fortran 90 Tutorial
  • X Tunneling on Windows
  • X Tunneling on MacOS
  • Using Solaris (UNIX) on strauss, copland, mahler

    F90 Code:
  • Fast Fourier Transform: four1.for realft.for twofft.for correl.for
  • Power Spectrum from FFT: spctrm.for
  • Symmetric Matrix Diagonalization: jacobi.for eigsrt.for
  • Knuth's Random Number Generator: ran3.for
  • Runge-Kutta with adaptive stepsize control: odeint.for rkqs.for
  • Tridiagonal Systems of Equations: tridag.for

    C or C++ Code:
  • Complex numbers for C: complex.c complex.h
  • Fast Fourier Transform: four1.c realft.c twofft.c correl.c nrutil.h nrutil.c
  • Power Spectrum from FFT: spctrm.c
  • Symmetric Matrix Diagonalization: jacobi.c eigsrt.c
  • Knuth's Random Number Generator: ran3.c
  • Runge-Kutta with adaptive stepsize control: odeint.c rkqs.c
  • Metropolis Monte Carlo algorithm for Ising model: metropolis_ising.c
  • Tridiagonal Systems of Equations: tridag.c