Harcourt "Ace" Vernon Lectures

Sponsored by the Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory

and the Mt. Cuba Astronomical Foundation.

Recent Vernon Lectures

Spring 2019 Dr. Joseph Tayler, 1993 Nobel Laureate, Princeton University

2019 : Dr. Joseph Taylor


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Fall 2018 Hilton Lewis, Director of Keck Observatory

2018 : Hilton Lewis

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Spring 2018 Dr. Veronique Petit, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

2018 : Dr. Veronique Petit

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2017 Dr. Jane Rigby, Deputy Project Scientist for Operations - JWST, NASA

2017 : Dr. Jane Rigby

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2017 Dr. Emily Rice, Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island, City University of New York

2017 : Emily Rice

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2016 Dr. Mike Montgomery, Dept of Astronomy and McDonald Observatory, The University of Texas

2016 : Mike Montgomery

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2016 Harry Shipman, Annie Jump Cannon Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware

2016 : Harry Shipman

2015 Dr. Fergal Mullally, Kepler Science Officer, SETI/NASA Ames Research

2015 : Fergal Mullally

2014 Carolyn Porco, Imaging Science Team Leader, NASA Cassini Mission

2014 : Carolyn Porco

2013 Dr. David Jewitt, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA

2013 : Dr. David Jewitt

2012 Dr. Mark Morris, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA

2012 : Dr. Mark Morris

2011 Dr. Greg Laughlin, Professor and Chair, Department of Astronomy, University of California at Santa Cruz

2011 : Dr. Greg Laughlin

2010 Captain Alan Bean, Retired US Navy, Apollo 12 Astronaut

2010 : Captain Alan Bean

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2009 Dr. Alex Filippenko, Professor, University of California Berkeley

2009 : Dr. Alex Filippenko