Delaware Asteroseismic Research Center (DARC) 



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DAMP04 General Information
Primary Target-GD358 General Information
Secondary Targets

Participating Observatories

CTIO 0.9m Service 13-18, 26-27 May

Suhora 0.6m 21-30 May Staszek Zola

Tuebingen 0.8m Thorsten Nagel 27 May

Hvar Observatory May 20-June12 Gerald Handler/Stefan Meingast

Mt. Lemmon 1.0m 26 Apr - 2 May Seung-Lee Kim

MCAO 0.6m Judi Provencal May 16-31

Moletai 26 Apr - 10 May Rimas Janulis

NAOC 1m May 25-31 Xiaojun Jiang

NAOC 0.5m Apr 26-May 2 Xiaojun Jiang

SAAO May 17-31 Ramotholo Sefako

Peak Terskol ICAMER Russia and Ukraine 23 May - 4 June Aleksandr Sergeev


LNA 0.6m 21-27 May Alex Murillo

Observatories Applied and Waiting to Hear

Observatories with upcoming deadlines

Hawaii 1.0m ??



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