Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory

The aerial photo shows the observatory as it appeared shortly after its construction in the locale of Mt. Cuba, Delaware in 1964.  It is located 14 miles from the University of Delaware campus in northern Delaware near Hoopes Reservoir (visible at top left of the photo).  The dome houses a 24-inch diameter reflecting telescope, which is the main research instrument.

Mt. Cuba Obs. 1964

1964 (Dr. Herr)

In 1972 a wing was extended from the facing wall of the central pentagon and dedicated to the observatory's educational programs. This educational wing contains a second dome, housing a 4-inch refracting telescope, a small planetarium, and a classroom used for public lectures and as a meeting room for the Delaware Astronomical Society.

Small dome

Small Dome (Dr. Herr).

Night photo

Main dome at night (courtesy of Julia K. Burzon).

Two domes

Both domes 1982 (Jim Smith, CAP, 1982).

Comet Hale-Bopp

Comet Hale-Bopp (Dr. Case).


The 24 inch Herr Telescope (Greg Weaver)


Observing the sky on Public Nights (Greg Weaver)

2017 Sawin Observatory, 24 inch Herr Telescope Dome, Small Dome (Greg Weaver)

For information about the observatory's public programs, or about the Delaware Astronomical Society, call the observatory.

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